Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Busy but not gone

Hello again everyone I realise it's been awhile since my last post but thigs have gotten away from recently. But I hope to be adding posts on a slightly more regular basis from now on.

So what has kept me away? Well firstly there was a recent BMG (Batman Miniatures Game) demo day a friend from my club ran for some guys in a nearby town so ai went down and helped him out. It was a great showing with two tables going of 2v2 each, many shenanigans were pulled and laughs shared sor the day went really well.

 Here are some of the miniatures that I have been working on for BMG, the top photo is the Court of Owls which are still WiP and I used for the learning day. And the bottomw photo is Scarecrow, who I had painted up for a tournament the club ran a couple months ago.

I have also been gone for the last couple of weeks helping the grandparents organise their property so they can move and look after my grandfather, still I have managed to sneak some more painting in during that time.

That's all for the moment folks, I'll show you progress on a new project as soon as I can get the photos uploaded.
Till then have fun.

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