Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Busy but not gone

Hello again everyone I realise it's been awhile since my last post but thigs have gotten away from recently. But I hope to be adding posts on a slightly more regular basis from now on.

So what has kept me away? Well firstly there was a recent BMG (Batman Miniatures Game) demo day a friend from my club ran for some guys in a nearby town so ai went down and helped him out. It was a great showing with two tables going of 2v2 each, many shenanigans were pulled and laughs shared sor the day went really well.

 Here are some of the miniatures that I have been working on for BMG, the top photo is the Court of Owls which are still WiP and I used for the learning day. And the bottomw photo is Scarecrow, who I had painted up for a tournament the club ran a couple months ago.

I have also been gone for the last couple of weeks helping the grandparents organise their property so they can move and look after my grandfather, still I have managed to sneak some more painting in during that time.

That's all for the moment folks, I'll show you progress on a new project as soon as I can get the photos uploaded.
Till then have fun.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Testing our skill

Hello and welcome back to another post here on Schrödinger's paintbrush.

Today I'm going to touch on my recent game against my long time friend and opponent Trevor (who also runs quite the blog over on The TripleHelix Project.)
Trev and I went halves in the WoK kickstarter purchasing the Goritsi and Nasier respectively. And while we have played a few games we are still very much learning all the tricks and combos that WoK has so effectively brought into the game. The other night we decided to give the tournament time restrictions a go and see if we could play an intro size game in the 30min specified.

I chose to run an all swords list (ignore the two Pelagarth in the back, ashmen under construction) using Alyana Heska as my leader and the Blind Hakar for support.

This faced of against a combined force of wolves and vampires backed up by the monstrous blood engine and led by Korrad.

After picking motivations that relied on scoring kills it was a matter of lining up and bringing the pain. The faster Gortisi quickly took the central hill while the ashmen tried to line up several charges.

Alyana and most of the swordsmen attempted to curtail the blood engines rampage but were soon shown the error of their ways as it quite callously ate its way through them.

Meanwhile the Blind Hakar charges into the Zeti Dancers who merely vaulted away leaving the poor cripple to Korrads mercy. Leaving the morale scores at 5-0 in Trevor's favour.

The game was highly enjoyable and we learnt several important things. Firstly that we simply don't have the speed yet for competitive play as we ran 15 minutes over, secondly, after seeing the Blood Engine in use for the first time I learnt that feeding it infantry is a very bad idea in deed. Of course this just makes me more determined than ever to beat those puppies and claim a rare victory against a long time opponent.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Taking the plunge

Hello all and welcome to the first ever post of 
Schrödinger's paintbrush!

I have decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons, firstly because it should help inspire me to continue to paint my collection by sharing my work with all the other awesome people out there who enjoy the world of miniature gaming. But secondly to help promote my favorite miniature games which in Wrath of Kings, Batman Miniatures game and Infinity.

Wrath of Kings (if you haven't heard about it yet) is a fairly new tabletop skirmish war-game produced by Cool Mini or Not that was kick-started quite successfully a little over 12 months ago.  Links to the forums and main website are at the bottom of the post for anyone interested :)

Here are two of the miniatures I am currently working on for my brothers army, House Hadross. As they are a sea creature styled faction I have decided to paint them using mostly washes with has so far provided excellent results.

That's all for now guys catch you later :)




Includes useful downloads and previews of most minitaures in the line plus rulebook.